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About Angela and the Music

Angela M, Vocalist, Writer

Play dates for me as a kid were not traditional. Standing next to my Grandma Pearl's Hammond B3 I'd croon away while she played tirelessly, songs from the Great American Songbook.

I'd slide on the sparkly pumps and slosh my way around Pearl's music room with a chiffon scarf and mic in hand.  

Time with my Grandma, singing, making music, created beauty and I suppose, a magical escape for me for many years. That time with her was as priceless to me then, as it is now.     

Today, I'm exactly where I'm meant to be, doing exactly what I'm meant to do.  I'm grateful for this peaceful feeling. 


Grandma, I celebrate your magic everyday.  Thank You for so deeply impacting my journey.  Here's lookin' at you kid.  XO

All the Way Home Great American Songbook Jazz Album

"Bluebirds, flowers, sunshine and showers. Sunsets and rainbows on skies of red and blue..."     (excerpt from "All the Way Home")


All the Way Home as a complete album, is a departure from what listeners might be used to hearing.  Most, I hope, will love the Storytelling element tying song to song.  


Each of us long to somehow leave our mark on the world. However diminuitive some may view a musical tribute, for me the feelings and sentiments evoked, bring me great contentment and peace.  Isn't that what coming home is all about?  


The thrill of having my daughter McKenna be a part of  "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" has been the icing on this cake.  


We are our memories.  Even if the memories are a 'rewrite' my hope is that this album conjures up wonderful memories of home, important people who've touched your life and inspired you in magical ways.



  Miracles Christmas Album

When I recorded "Miracles" I was 9 months pregnant for my daughter McKenna. Nearly the whole time, I sang sitting on a stool. I otherwise probably would've tipped over! In the spirit of Motherhood, the natural title for the Christmas album was "Miracles."
A huge and grateful THANK YOU to Jeffrey Sawyer, keyboardist, and co-author of track #4 "The Whole Year Through". Jeff recorded this album for me at his studios in Sterling, NY.

To Spirit, Thank You. I'm grateful for the miracle McKenna was and continues to be. THANK YOU to Reilly Patrick for her beautiful artistry on the Miracles design cover! Please enjoy MIRACLES this and every Holiday season. Here's to your very own Miracles in life now and always.

~ Love and Be Loved, Angela M


There are eight (8) songs in all on this Christmas album. All proceeds go to our charity, Music for the Mission; feeding the hungry and sheltering the homeless right here in our community.

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