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Breath of Heaven

My Favorite Things

I Wonder As I Wander

The Whole Year Through

Have Yourself A Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Baby

The Christmas Song

The Prayer

Christmas Auld Lang Syne


Angela M, Vocals

Jeffrey Sawyer, Keyboards

Thomas Scott, Guitar

Karl Sperber, Percussion


Artwork by Reilly Patrick

Engineering, Editing by Jeff Sawyer

Recorded at Sawyer Studios Sterling, NY

"  Miracles"

Miracles was recorded when I was nine months pregnant for my daughter McKenna.  I remember sitting through the entire recording for fear of literally tipping over!












Sincere Thanks to the amazing and incomparable Jeff Sawyer who's been a musical companion and supporter for over two decades.     Jeff's unique talent and wonderful spirit inspires and translates so magically in his playing.  To him I will be forever grateful.  To my incredibly beautiful and bright daughter who's becoming an Artist in her own right,  this album is dedicated to you, my truest Love and Miracle of my Life.

Miracles Christmas Album
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